Air covered machine

Technical data

1. Size:Spindle distance: 600mm,Width:800mm,Height:1100mm;24 spindles per machine(Spindle quantity can be flexible according to the dimension of workshop),Cables, PLC control, Air pipe and oil pump are allocated as standard

2. Voltage: 220V.

3. Installed power:

—Main motor: 370w/spaindle;

—Motor for adjustment of rewinding width: 9w/spindle;

—Motor for prevention of overlapping: 9w/spindle;

—Motor for oiling: 5w/spindle;

4. Yarn length setting: 0—-1000000m

5. Diameter of rewinding roller: Φ80mm;

Yarn guiding roller: 80mm,

Yarn separating roller: Φ40mm.

Pre-streching roller: Φ40mm

6. Maximum weight of bobbin: 3kg

7. Chroming for all the rollers.

8. Yarn break detector: 3/spindles(1/spindle for only rewinding)

9. Adjustable circular tension controller: 1/spindle.

10. 1 creel /spindle.

11. Imported special air nozzle for air covering yarn machine. Diameter: Φ1.2.

12. Adjustable rewinding width: 5-10mm

13. Dimension of bobbin:Φ69*L230mm

14. Maximum rewinding width: 210mm

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