PBT Yarn

Characteristics of PBT elastic yarn:

1.Excellent stretch,comparable to Spandex;the stretch not affected by humidity and temperature changes;

2.Good stretch recover property under conditions of low-load and moist;

3.Boiling dyeing by ordinary dispersed dyestuff at normal pressure,without carrier;fresh in luster,fine color fastness and chlorine resistance and chlorine resistance after being dyed;

4.Soft feel,abrasion resistance;

5.A whole new crisscross section making a better moisture absorption and perpiration effect.It can bring cool and comfortable feeling to wearer quickly.

ITEM UNIT 50D 75D 150D
Count dtex/% 56.9 81.1 161.85-170.15
Tenacity (CN/dtex)/% 2.98 3.25 >2.08
Elongation % 30.2 26.9 20-30
Crimp Contract % 49.4 48.5 44-52
Interlace(Mingle) knots/meter 10-20 10-20 25-55
Twist / S S S+Z
PKG density g/cubic centimeter 0.72 0.72 0.78
Oil % 3.2 1.6 2.6-3.4
Crimp Stability % >75
BWS % 5.4

Comparison of other fiber:

Fibre elongation(%) Stretch Recover(%) Light Stability Dimensional stability Dirt Resinstance Dyeability
PET 20-28 >20 excellent fine excellent fine
PBT 20-30 >88 excellent fine excellent excellent


It is especially suitable for making swimwear,gym suit,gym wear,tights,stretch jeans,pantyhose,high elastic bandage medical textiles.It can also be used for fillers for winter clothes and bedding,for making tufted carpet etc.